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August 12th, 2009

NewsBank: A Great Resource

Take a fresh look at the NewsBank database (get to it from “Database and Article Searching”).  There is much more available here than many realize — much of it also new to me.  Explore the section labeled “California Newspapers.”  This section offers what one would expect, i.e., Sacramento Bee and the major newspapers from Fresno, Modesto, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rose supporting our area.  Then click on “California Titles.”  The coverage is impressive — all over California.   Huge list!   Explore “America’s News Magazines” — also quite a list!  Finally click on “United States.”  Here you also get access to newscast videos from across the country, e.g., CBS, Fox, NBC, etc.  There is even some international access offered on NewsBank.  What a rich resource!  Enjoy your browsing!

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